We Aren't That Different

"Customers are not buying your product, they are buying the value that your product creates in their life. You must increase someone's happiness - either by relieving a pain point or by bringing joy." ~Jennifer Hopp


Startup Founders and Venture Capitalists (VCs) are not very different from one another. Each is an entrepreneur with a passion for helping others - for bringing value to others' lives. At ATO Ventures, we never lose sight of the fact that although, like you, we have a fiduciary responsibility to our investors, our number one goal must be to serve our portfolio companies. Everything we do is built on this understanding.

Similarities between Startup foundes and VCs

Our Value Proposition

The value that ATO Ventures brings to our startups is more than money and connections. We guide and support entrepreneurs at the very earliest stages - before they have any sales, before there is traction, before anyone else believes in them. We are in the trenches, helping to make sure they don't miss an important step or trip over an obstacle. Together, we prove product-market fit and secure the company's first customers.

What Founders Say

  • "I have known Jennifer, both personally and professionally for many years, and she has always been a source of inspiration. At ATO Ventures, she helped us with customer discovery, validating product-market fit, and making our business more attractive for other investors, which resulted in us closing a multi-million dollar, oversubscribed round last year. She has always been a great resource and helped us think outside the box and think of unique business opportunities. She also connected us to resources inside PR that will facilitate our go to market."

  • "This is a path of great resistance, persistence and fight against all obstacles; I have found in Jennifer, [founder of Valid Startup,] and her team great experience, passion and determination to build [our company] together as a world class solution. Also, in every conversation we have, she challenges me and helps me to do my best. This process has been one of the most enriching I have had in my working life."

  • "ATO Venture is not just about financial investment but more of human capital investment and capacity building! This is one of the best things that could ever happen to any start up. Thank you ATO Ventures."

  • "From day zero, to everyday since deciding on any idea, validation should be the #1 most pressing concern for any self-respected startup entrepreneur."

  • "You may think you are completely ready for your entrepreneurial journey, but The Valid Startup Incubator really makes you consider every aspect of your life, time and mentality. I enjoyed going through it and am already seeing myself being more intentional with my time and focus."

  • “Validating the idea with the method presented by ATO Ventures is challenging, you may consider do this exercise more than once at the beginning; but is definitely worth it. Once you are in later stages of your startup journey you´ll realize that these steps are a must-do for every successful company.”

  • "One of the main benefits I receive from this program is not only having all the steps for starting my own business laid out for me, but it also has given me the confidence to see that many of the things I have already done were on the right track. I feel confident knowing that any blind spot I previously had will likely be revealed in this process."

  • "I’m impressed by ATO Ventures’ incubator program. It’s very well put together with the goal to actually help you succeed (if you’re committed enough to follow all instructions)." 

  • "This is the best program to discover yourself and find the entrepreneur inside of you!" 

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